Consider an Ice Machine on Rent Instead of Buying One

When you buy a new ice machine from the market, their frank price tag is the one that shakes you. Again – don’t worry, it is only the beginning of your precious investments. After making the purchase, be prepared to pay for its extra service, maintenance, and cleaning charges that it requires in order to perform for you next time. Sometimes, purchasing new business equipment can make or break a budget. 

And in that case, you need to take your time in measuring the pros and cons to make the right choice. After the usage, routine service will always be on the way, and neglecting it will drastically lessen the life span and increase the overall costs. Here we are not saying you should not buy it. It’s quite easy to own an ice machine, pay the actual retail price and you are good to go. 

But, here is a catch, owning new equipment is far more expensive, and from time to time it requires extensive maintenance. Now, without thorough maintenance, you are itself calling a host of problems which in turn leads to producing less ice and not fulfilling the business requirement at all.

Precautionary maintenance is basically one of them, which involves cleaning your ice machine deep from within regularly, including checking/replacing your ice machine’s components to assure its longest life span.

Isn’t it better to rent an Ice Machine in real life where maintenance, repairs, and replacement are indulged into the same package without any additional costs? Bold businessperson always focuses on what makes them money and saves it, not on buying new ice equipment.

Having an ice machine on rental significantly reduces the amount of cost and responsibility, than it actually requires to function. About our rental services, you can find that cleaning, repairs, and maintenance are often included in our ice machine rental. Those quality Ice Machines inspected by highly-trained professionals and then put into different categories and priced accordingly to satisfy our client’s requirements. 

The machines carry the manufacturer warranty as well as you will typically find products from Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Bluestone, Norpole, and Ice-O-Matic, which are well-known brands worldwide. Either buy a rental ice machine to get rid of additional cost hassles or choose to spend extra money on newer buying and repairs.

The choice is all yours!

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