Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes

Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes

Indian homes ooze liveliness and beauty, whether they are in a contemporary apartment in a high-rise of ever-expanding cities or a charming house in some little hamlet. Indian interior design is frequently influenced by our illustrious past. We Indians encourage a love of colour as well. However, the adaptable Indians have gained the knowledge and abilities to combine modernism with a heritage over time. Our interior designers put a lot of effort into creating unique, breathtaking, and motivational design concepts to transform a house into a home. If you are also looking for an architect & interior designer in Delhi, AVA Design Studio is the best solution. Today, we combed through the vast selection of designs offered by AVA Design Studio to bring you some lovely and imaginative interior design ideas. Let’s discuss them:


Included a Feature Wall

Wall features are popular this year. Consider painting a focal wall in your living room or bedroom. There are many possibilities to pick from, including geometric designs, delicate floral prints, tiny doodles, painted-over art walls, and many more. If you’re unsure which wall to choose, the one that faces your back is ideal. If it’s your drawing room, paint the wall that faces the back of your seating arrangement, for instance.


Using Green Elements

We’re talking about planting, but for the sake of the beauty of your home’s interior design. The home plantations have greatly improved nowadays. Put out some greenery if you notice a vacant space in one of your rooms and feel like something is missing. An air plant in a porcelain jar would look great in your bedroom, and they don’t even require all that extra care.


Complex Lounge Areas

Due to the overwhelming demand for spacious sitting and relaxing places, the snacks and coffee sessions have gotten even better this year. Nowadays, more and more individuals are using their living rooms as casual hangout spaces. A relaxing and spacious seating area uplifts the spirits and encourages conversation.


In Biblio-style

Incorporating bibliophilic design elements into interior decor is one of the greatest trends this year. Through the use of décor and furniture, this style incorporates the unprocessed parts of nature into the framework of the homes.

Bringing the feel of nature indoors is the aim of this design aesthetic. This applies to the furniture’s natural roughness, as well as any décor that is made of rock, stone, or was sculpted. Everything that looks organically earthy to your eyes is what we’re referring to.


The Neutrals, Only A Little Funkier

What parameters are used to create the tending list? the unusual, the outstanding. This particular colour scheme is popular precisely for this reason. When you can have more pleasure, why choose the norm? Give it to us to break down for you. Make a decision on a theme and colour scheme, preferably something muted or nearly neutral. Then add some colourful décor items as accessories to the space.



Everyone, even visitors and guests, is meant to feel comfortable and at home in modern interior design. This is made feasible by a variety of causes. Modern architecture also aims to increase the strength, environmental friendliness, lightness, attractiveness, and affordability of structures. These are some attractive interior home designs that you must think about them. Or you can also contact AVA architectural design firm in Delhi to get more attractive interior design ideas for your home. They provide the best service to their clients. For more details, you can contact us through the comment section.

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