How to face rejection in a general sense maturely?

How to face rejection in a general sense maturely?

When things are starting to get hard in your way, realize that there’s a blessing in this. Now what’s happening here is to strengthen you, your beliefs, your trust, your motives and most importantly, your self-respect! A lot of individuals fall victim in their place when bad things happen to them, and I really get it that it’s easy to feel out of control and you want to give up.

But when we choose to keep going on our self-growth journey and see the value in what you’re creating, especially the dark stuff, you can turn it into truly something very powerful and positive even if you won’t realize. Trust me! You’re not losing anything from that; in fact, you are learning, gaining life lessons from other beautiful souls, which is one of the most imperative parts of your life journey.

They’re not hurting you; they are just making aware that they are not the one you were looking for. Now you may isolate yourself or live aloof from this cruel world completely. But the more you try, the more you attract the pain, egos and negativeness, which is totally opposite of what you’re gaining. So, go with the flow.

Your love may be right at your fingertips, or it may be down the road. Either way, there is always learning, growth and healing to experience every time and every moment, and that is why I came here! You’re not the only one to suffer in pain or agony; every soul has to move from this blissful journey. If you’re feeling hurt from rejection, you should at least feel good that life has again given you hope and opportunity to expect for the best.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey. If you get stuck on your soul journey, always remind yourself of how powerful you already are and all that you’ve gone through to be here. You’re sabotaging yourself just because you are not like them or they are not accepting you in their life. Remember, every soul in this universe is vibrating at a different frequency, and your frequency is currently not matching with them.

In order to attract them into your life, you first need to stop sabotaging yourself and instead teach yourself with self-love – This is very much important, and this is what always be with you and forever. If you can handle and know yourself what you want from life, then only you can expect what others want from life. If you feel like you need some assistance, I am here to assist you on your journey.

So, don’t procrastinate on what your heart and soul want! Just make your inner soul happy, who is your biggest desire you may not know.

Just dared to take action and commit to your soul-guided purpose and pleasure, over and over! Always tell yourself that you are now blessed to have a beloved one (it’s you) that aligns with your inner being. I believe it will surely turn you and your beautiful life into a positive experience!

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