Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Installing Sash Windows


Sash windows are one of the most exceptional features of traditional and modernist homes because the glass that’s used in the sash windows plays one of the most important roles of all. 

Window sashes are very important to the overall construction and durability of the window. Thanks to its distinctive design and aesthetics that it offers to the homeowners and are being installed today using modern and highly efficient materials.

Sash Windows are multi-chambered, fusion-welded and durably reinforced, so you don’t need to worry about twisting or bending over time.

So what exactly are the sash windows?

A window sash is basically the part of the window that holds the place of the glass and the border architectural framework around the glass to hold its position. They’re snugly best fitted into the window frame and are usually unmovable/non-removable. 

Sash Windows

If you see today’s modern homes, most windows in newer homes are sash windows just because of their overall construction and durability of the window. One may therefore consider these windows to be within the antique classification of homes and the respective accessories. Those sash windows are fully reinforced on all four sides using non-conductive reinforcement that offers superior structural strength against any kinds of sagging, bowing and warping.

Benefits of using Sash Windows:

Investing in sash windows can be seen as a wise investment, but what precisely are the main benefits?

Aesthetically Pleasing:

To achieve a certain look, installing Sash Windows can be a very best advantage to achieve eye-catching, character and charm to any home. Besides that, it can also be carved, stained or painted to suit your desired taste. We spray finish all your sash windows with the finest Teknos low-maintenance microporous paint systems, coupled with end grain sealing and highly-skilled spray application, giving you an unrivalled, long-lasting paint finish.

Incredibly Elegant

There is no denying that original sash windows have obvious aesthetic attributes. Incredibly charming and elegant to look at because they are defined as the eyes of the façade. They’re mostly-handcrafted in original timber with the involvement of natural cellulose and strong fibres, which can withstand years of harsh weather and they still look good and last for a long time. What more could you want?

Built for Homes:

Living in a conservation area? No problem! Doing restoration or replacement with genuine timber sash windows can be your ideal choice. Why? Because it has durability, robustness, low maintenance uPVC construction and high security locking systems, which for the home user is considered the best standard option. Forget to mention, your Timber is an effective natural insulator, which will keep your interior temperature comfortable and calm.

Better Ventilation:

Timber framed sash windows are the most environmentally friendly window frames your money can buy. It is an excellent choice for you if the ventilation is a top priority for you. Sliding sashes with the sliding option at the bottom and top of the window enable you to create a direct cooling convection flow which is ideal for the summer season. Increased ventilation improves the comfort zone and airflow. Now, that’s impressive!


If you’re considering installing Timber Sash Windows in your home, let us tell you they have an extremely long life-span. If in future there is a need for any maintenance, re-use and recycling them ensure the majority of materials. Outsourcing our timber sash windows will ensure that the timber we use is environmentally friendly, thermally efficient and will last for a long time.

Our thoughts:

To attain these kinds of sophisticated and well-bred work, it’s important to work with a reputable company that has been in these businesses for a significant amount of time and is able to offer the services that you are opting for. London Joinery Services take pride in perfecting all ideas exactly how you have visioned and we thrive towards the complicated challenges to create something exceptional, unique, and so precise from scratch. 

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