Surviving a Breakup- How to Deal and Be Happy Again

Surviving a Breakup- How to Deal and Be Happy Again

Relationships are one of the softest aspects of humans. The connection, feeling of being attached in more ways than can be said, security and the feeling of someone special being there for you is unbeatable. When a relationship has just started everything seems so interesting and with each passing day, you grow closer with your partner. That feeling of having a person to yourself is not just good and makes you happy but it gives you a different kind of high, it’s like you are walking two feet above the ground, almost like floating. How you long to see your partner, sneak in a kiss or hold hands when outside? It’s probably one of the most innocent and yet most strong feelings we ever feel.

It is kind of scary though to know that relationships can be a double-edged sword, it’s almost like it can make you the happiest person on this entire earth and if you lose it the amount of hurt it causes seems immeasurable. Your partner seems like this one person who has enough power over you that the slightest change in their part in the relationship can have a great impact on how you are feeling in general. Sometimes, even though a relationship is the best thing that has happened to you, things and circumstances change and you end up being in a position where it only way to do things right is to get out of that particular relationship. It can be hard but you have to do it because it is the most correct thing to do at the time.

Eventually, even though after a breakup it may feel like your heart hurts so much and you feel a physical wave of pain all through your body, you have to know that the love is going to stay but you will have to move on from the relationship. Break-ups are very hard and moving on seems like an even harder thing to do but if you put in the effort you will feel much better getting out of something like that.

  • Try and give proper thought to your decision before taking one and once you have decided to break up, stick to the feeling that convinced you to make this particular decision.
  • Talk to your friends about it to get emotional help and also go to therapy if required.
  • You can also go for a retreat, there are beautiful places like Sussex, UK, that provide such breakup retreats.
  • Feeling alone after this heart-wrenching breakup, search for a breakup retreat near Sussex and you will find amazing places that will help you start to feel better after a breakup.

It is for sure that heartbreaks make you experience the worst kind of pain but it is even worse to stay in something that is not right for you. You may still love the person and miss them and not necessarily want to be with them. It can be hard and seem like the hardest decision that you ever make or the worst situation your partner put you into. Give it some time, accept the decision and let the pain sink in. A part of it might stay and remind you of the relationship you had with someone but try and remember the good days and cherish sweet memories.

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