What is a Great Workout Routine that can Build Muscle using only Bodyweight Exercises?

What is a Great Workout Routine that can Build Muscle using only Bodyweight Exercises?

If you believe that the only way to build muscles is by lifting heavy weights and hitting the gym regularly, you are wrong. Bodyweight exercises are deemed to be as beneficial as using dumbbells and barbells. There are many advantages associated with bodyweight exercises. You do not need equipment at any time; you can exercise anytime, anywhere, an increase of awareness of the body is seen, and you do not have to form queues in the gym. During the global pandemic, when it is necessary for you to stay at home, these bodyweight exercises can serve the purpose of building your muscles comprehensively.

The Best Workout Routine using Bodyweight Exercises

This section emphasizes the best full bodyweight workout routine that anyone can follow in the comfort of their homes. Only one piece of equipment needed is a pull-up bar that is easy to purchase and can fit almost anywhere, making it an integral part of the best weight lifting program. The routine is as follows-

  • Deep Squat for Lower Body

This bodyweight exercise trains every muscle of your legs and glutes and also helps to improve your form. When you progress to a barbell squat later, the form will be preserved. Hold a towel between your hands and pull it upwards, keeping it taut. Keep Your chest pointed upwards and slowly lower yourself till your calves touch your hamstrings. Drive yourself up slowly and try to do 15 repetitions in 1 minute. It helps to lose fat rapidly.

  • Bulgarian Squat

It is a variation of a standard squat as only one leg is placed in front and is used to go down while the other leg rests on an elevated bench towards the back for stability. Vary the tempo of the split to increase the strength and bulk of the leg muscles.

  • Squat Jump

First, Bend your legs and move to a deep squat. Pause at this position and jump up powerfully and clap overhead. Come back to the deep squat position immediately after it. It is a part of the cardio gym workout that is followed in most gyms.

  • Burpee

A Burpee is similar to squat jumping with a variation of starting in a drop-down position with hands on the floor for body support. Hop back on your feet and launch yourself upward and clap your hands overhead.

  • Chest Press with variations

The best bodyweight exercise trains your upper body, including your chest, shoulder, biceps, and triceps. Face downwards and support your body with your arms, and slowly lower yourself towards the floor. Once you reach maximum depth, push yourself up. Variations like wide-grip and spiderman pushups can further enhance the muscles and are part of any program weight training.

  • Wide-grip Pull-Up

Hold onto the bar with a wide grip and pull yourself up to activate your back muscles and strengthen the core muscles. Try to do as many reps as possible.

  • Hanging Leg Raise

Hang your body from the bar and pull your legs up from the hips to place it at 90 degrees. It is the best exercise for your core and also strengthens your back and shoulder muscles.

Follow this bodyweight exercise routine religiously while at home and supplement it by performing 45 minutes of cardio three times a week. Follow a curated diet, and the results will be there for you to see.

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