Increase Untouchability to Stay Safe

Increase Untouchability to Stay Safe

Our team started working to supply the much needed no-touch personal protective equipment (PPE) when the coronavirus outbreak began because we wanted to contribute to the nation’s welfare. The most significant key to flattening the curve is avoiding shared surfaces. The most powerful way to avoid the spread of germs is our design. Based on the input of the thousands of critical staff we have already supplied, we continue to make design changes.

By making contact with contaminated surfaces and touching your skin, many viruses and bacteria are transmitted. After careful consideration and awareness of the urgent need, no-touch tools were developed with sleek style, shape, and multifunctionality by the Alien machine. This high quality, easy to carry tool becomes your essential tool with no touch and fits in your pocket nicely. Our no-touch instrument is required to battle germs and be almost unbreakable. For those purposes, for its toughness and its antibacterial properties confirmed by science, we chose Zinc as the base material. Zinc is preferable to most other materials used in non-touch instruments.

We are always looking for the highest quality and firmly believe that our product is one of the best items and services on the marketongly believe that our equipment can also help save lives in ways that masks can’t!

We focus primarily on producing brass door openers that are hands-free. The team collaborates closely with businesses that need bulk orders and quick delivery. We have the expertise that allows us to offer the best price, deliver quality goods, and offer top-notch customer service. We take pride in our robust policies that have put us above and above our rivals. When they partner with us, businesses know they partner with a business responsible for ensuring that our consumers are pleased with their purchases. to confirm that our consumers are not facing any kind of problems or hesitations to contact us, we will do our best. We assume that by concentrating on our clients’ needs, we will have a positive influence on the health industry.

Stay safe with us

This is a chance to reinvent. We never avoid our designs being improved. We are not looking to quit innovating as a custom metal manufacturing company and having such talented craftsmen in the market; we will still produce new products even though the COVID19 pandemic is out of the news.

We are currently on version 3 of the industry-standard primary hygiene method. We want to take the buy safe touch tool door opener out there at the moment and make it better. Customer expectations are not small. An excellent quality control complements our ingenuity, which means that the keys we create can withstand the most industrial applications.

Viruses and bacteria are everywhere in a business setting; the concentration of workers, no-touch opener tools, or shared surfaces is needed for your workers. It was easy to keep up with the demand for bulk orders. We are used to working on large projects and delivering on time. 

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