Top 4 Reasons Why Choosing Holiday Cottages is Best for You

Top 4 Reasons Why Choosing Holiday Cottages is Best for You

It is great to make a plan to move out of your comfort zone and travel with your friends to get out of your busy life schedule. Sometimes, it is also good to experience life in a way offbeat just to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression and stimulate mental and physical health.

Before that, one of the most frequently asked questions that people would generally ask when it arises on their mind when planning travel is where to stay. In other words, the home when it comes to finding a spot to lay your exhausted heads.

Nowadays, more and more holidaymakers are shifting their heads to luxury holiday cottages for their next stay away accommodation. There are many attractions to staying in a holiday cottage, and one of them is the flexibility and freedom that self-catering offers. 

Whatever may be your priorities, you can find the holiday cottage that fits under the bill, regardless of the size, type, their budget, chosen destination, facilities or activities required to make your upcoming holiday perfect! It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a fun-packed friends holiday, a romantic getaway or a short activity break, holiday cottages are a great way to take a family holiday.

So, what makes staying in a holiday cottage superior to that of a hotel stay? Take a look at our top 4 major benefits/reasons to elevate a holiday experience from routine to exceptional.


The most prominent reason that comes with choosing a holiday home over a hotel is the independence that it offers. Today who loves independence? Everyone! The flexible nature of the luxuriating holiday cottage means you can take charge of your own holiday experiences with full freedom and comfort.

Let’s say, at what time should you wake up? When to bathe and how to take your ventures or visit nearby attractions? Entirely up to you and also on your schedule! No one is going to argue? Whatever your priority for a holiday, be that entertainment, romance, scenery, heritage, food, or shopping simply just relax!


With Dalesend’s reputation as an ultimate and affordable tourist destination, it’s pretty surprising that those enthusiastic tourists don’t actually compare the hotel rooms price to that of holiday apartments. Perhaps, they also don’t have any idea to think about it or are unaware of alternative options. Thanks to the affordability of the holiday cottages that comes with the facility of self-catering and aren’t overpriced despite the size and condition of the interior itself.


If a well equipped, high specification interior is important to your holiday experience, then you may want to look toward the quality and luxurious holiday cottages. Based on the quality assessments for dalesend, every accommodation has to meet very high standards and strict set of criteria; not only in bedrooms, kitchen equipment but also in the other aspects like fittings, fixtures and standards throughout the property. 

Of course, all standards and styles of cottages available at Dalesend are at the budget end. Just forget about the bad old days of swirly-looking carpets and damp musty rooms. With us, things are looking very exciting and phenomenal with designer kitchens and bathrooms, furniture and fittings that are akin to a modern boutique hotel.


One of the most satisfying parts of Holiday cottages is they provide an incredible level of isolation, privacy and support for your interest, and surely, there can be no other better option than ensuring this level of solitude. Thanks to the flexibility and freedom that it offers, as it amplifies the real joy of staying in a holiday cottage. You are always free to come and go as you please, set your timetable, rules and plan; and also, don’t worry about regulated meal times, interruptions or restrictions to enter your rooms or the property. 

Final Touch

Dalesend Holiday cottages are located in areas surrounded by stunning scenery, providing guests with a chance to escape the modern chaos of urban life and the natural attractions they most desire to visit.

Holiday cottages are there to enjoy the weekend with your loved ones, and Dales End Cottages can be your next holiday luxury cottage in Yorkshire. Our cottages offer you an extensive range of luxury, opulent and boutique holiday cottages with stunning holiday homes, breakfast, Drinks bar, a super-king sized bed, and the indulgence of a luxurious free-standing bath. Now get closer to nature in a way that could never be achieved in the city, always intended to make you feel like a home away from home.

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