Questions To Ask When Picking Your Wedding Venue

Questions To Ask When Picking Your Wedding Venue

When you are almost on the verge of deciding your final venue for a wedding ceremony, and you have shortlisted most of the choices, you need to consider certain things that are important to look for.

Here is a list of some of the critical questions you need to ask yourself when picking a wedding venue.

Is it large enough to host your guest list and activities according to the wedding plan?

When booking a wedding venue, you should not limit yourself to services, entertainment, or catering. Space is also an important concern, so finding a venue with enough allocated space for dancing, entertainment and space for non-dancers to hangout is essential. 

Is the venue available on your specified date?

Some wedding venues have seasonal availability and are not the best option for a wedding ceremony. So you need to confirm their availability and look for holidays and booking details. There is no point in selecting an unavailable venue at the time of the year you plan to tie the knot. 

Are you planning a destination wedding? How to keep your guests comfortable in all weather conditions?

You should always have a “Plan B” for your wedding location in case of unexpected weather conditions. Whenever thinking of a secondary plan, consider things like guest accommodation and comfort on your way. This mainly includes a residential area to accommodate the guest list in case of bad weather, air conditioning in case of a humid and hot day, and proper room heating for the chilling cold winter to keep your guests warm and comfortable.

Does the venue look the same throughout the year?

There are chances that you visited the wedding venue in summer, and you have a fall wedding in late October. It is important to ensure that the wedding venue looks the same throughout the year. Lighting, charm, and overall decorations should come up in the same way in winter as it would fall in place in summer. Research online for wedding receptions in Utah and find comparisons for the same venue in different seasons to ensure that there is no change.

Is the venue accommodating?

Utah wedding venues need to be accommodating for all guests to be comfortable at the event. It is important to ensure that there are all facilities available for guests to be at ease during the entire ceremony. Figure out the venue’s limitations and use them wisely to choose the perfect platform for a wedding ceremony.

Is taking pictures allowed?

A wedding is a huge ceremony and a crowded one too. It is essential to ensure that the venue allows you to take the first look on your stage and snap pre-party portraits just before the place gets crowded. Does your venue allow that? And does it allow you to visit the place before the wedding?

Searching for a perfect wedding venue is a considerable part of the destination wedding planning process and it creates a lot of pressure. It is important to do your research before you come to choose the perfect venue for your wedding to ensure that the big day goes smoothly and remains a memorable day for you.

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